Your next D365 hire without the headaches...

Since the Pandemic, Microsoft and its Partners are selling & implementing Dynamics 365 at ridiculous rates.

Great for them, but this causes a couple of problems for end-users like you:

1. Implementations can be rushed, leaving you with an expensive system not delivering the value you were sold.

2. Lack of talent causes a bottle-neck of business-critical projects.

To add to that: Nobody is applying to job adverts. Counteroffers are rife.

Recruiters either bombard you with irrelevant resumes OR don’t deliver at all. The nuances of D365 can be tough to understand for internal recruitment teams.

To put it simply: the D365 talent shortage in the US is real and market conditions mean you have recruitment headaches.

There is good news though.

D365 end-users that workwith me don’t have headaches like others 😎 

Read on to find out why…

Want to partner with the most experienced Dynamics recruiter in the US?

My name is Ryan Carolan & I founded Bond Patrick: we’re a staffing company with a singular focus on Dynamics 365.

I am super passionate about our mission: to be the first-choice recruitment partner for D365 end-users in the US like you. 

I don’t usually blow my own trumpet: but I’ve probably placed more Dynamics 365 people than anyone else in the US. 

I’ve been doing this since 2012, and I absolutely love it! Helping end-users like you find the talent you need to accelerate your business forward gets me excited.

What’s more, you will get to work directly with me: tapping into my expert knowledge of the D365 market and unparalleled network. 

Don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what real humans who have worked with me say:

The Sizzle Search

We use a unique, but proven, methodology that can quickly find, attract & recruit D365 talent for you:


  • With more than 150 Dynamics placements under my belt since 2012, you can rest assured we know where to find talent.
  • Knowing the difference between a Dynamics developer and an analyst, or a solution architect and a technical architect means we can identify the people that will fix the business problems you have. And quickly.


  • 98% of Dynamics talent isn’t looking. Capturing the attention of the passive market is crucial to your success. We are doing this bit better than anyone.
  • How? By creating content that WOWS like this Sizzle Pack 😎 and hand-delivering it to the entire market on your behalf
  • Candidates take us seriously, so they will take you seriously too. 
  • We back up what we do with expert knowledge of the D365 market and deliver an excellent candidate experience from start to finish.


  • Our thorough discovery process with you will allow us to hone in on exactly the D365 talent you need. 
  • On average, our clients enjoy just 2.5 resumes per placement, saving precious time.
  • In this market, candidates have choices. We are allies with the candidates we represent so can identify potential issues ahead of time. Like counter-offers.

Your Challenges

D365 end-users we work with usually have one of a few problems, but namely recruitment processes that result in:

  • Projects being pushed back due to talent shortages
  • Lots of candidates without the right D365 experience
  • Internal recruiters find it challenging understanding what a “good” D365 candidate looks like
  • Agency recruiters that don’t deliver what they promise
  • Losing candidates to other companies or counteroffers

Our Solution

If we decide to work together- it’s because we truly believe we can help you. And we won’t stop until you are happy:

  • Lay out a robust, project-driven recruitment process with a start and end date
  • Spend longer getting to know you and your business- & creating a Sizzle Pack like this one.
  • We scan the entire D365 marketplace, creating a Talent Pool of candidates that we engage to get excited about your business!
  • Our average resume-to-placement ratio is 2.5-1.
    • Meaning: you will meet the person you hire in under 3 resumes!

Next Steps:

We don’t work with everyone we talk to. It has to be the right fit for everybody.

From our research, we think we can help you and your goals and objectives. We certainly know how to secure D365 talent for companies like yours.

Click below to book in an informal conversation with Ryan. Together, we would love to explore the potential of working on your next D365 hire, or team build.

What recent D365 candidates I have placed say about working with Bond Patrick:

ALL we do is place talent within the following D365 modules:

  • Finance
  • Supply Chain Management + Manufacturing
  • Retail / Commerce
  • Customer Engagement (Sales, Service, Marketing)
  • Power Platform