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if you’d like to work in a 700k square foot, state of the art Warehouse equipped with AI, robotics, and the latest D365 technology,

you need to read this!

This first body of text is your opportunity to impress your prospective candidate as to what the potential is with the client you are working with.

It is important to remember, we are attracting the attention of a passive candidate community – there needs to be some zing and pizazz about your client for them to be hooked.

Cast the vision for them – describe the culture, technology, structure or phase of growth that creates the opportunity for someone. The chances are your prospect is doing well and needs to feel reassured that you are working with a good business, with good products in the pipeline.

Be your candidate for a moment – what do they find inspiring and interesting?

Keep the text easy to read – paragraphs of no more than four lines. Talk about your client by name rather than “our client”. Dial down on the adjectives and share evidence for your claims.

At 150 words, this section of text is about 45 seconds to read. Grammarly also works with Elementor, so there is no excuse for spelling and grammar issues.

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The Company and The Role

Who is your client? What’s the bond patrick relationship with them?

“Share content from their website where they communicate who they are. There is no need to get creative when the marketing team of your client have already crafted their positioning statements online. bond patrick is an extension of the client, as chosen talent partner”

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who are the key players and what can be learnt from each video?

Job Role & Responsibilities

The Successful Candidate

Benefits and Rewards

Example Client in the news

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