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Candidate Testimonial
"They've clearly looked at my profile and my interests. And the fact that I had been kind of singled out or have been grouped with several individuals. That made me feel like, okay, this isn't spam, that there had actually been some thought and some effort that had gone into selecting me."
"I think a lot of what bond Patrick has done is highlight our needs, understanding who we are and what we do. So it's like, there's just a better connection kind of from beginning to end of those individuals will just kind of mesh a little bit better with the culture that we have."
"So, Bond Patrick reached out in a little different way, they actually had sent me a video outlining my actual profile on LinkedIn. And they told me a little bit about how I would be a fit with the position that they had in mind and just what the company that they had in mind, in they spent a lot of time just highlighting my profile, rather than what they're in it for. That showed me a lot of passion and a lot of detail with Bond Patrick."
"It didn't take a huge amount of our time and we're able to get to seeing good candidates pretty quickly and we were able to get to a hire pretty quickly so pretty effective "
"I'd say working with bond Patrick, it was really the personal touch that I was talking about. That it was someone that was motivated to both find me the best position that I can fit as well as their clients and who they're looking to place for,"

Written testimonials

“In a challenging and super competitive D365 market, Ryan manages to find the correct level of resources we look for at every level. We worked with him exclusively to find more than 30 people for us, which says all you need to know. Compared to other recruiters in the industry Ryan is less pushy- but when he introduces you to D365 talent, you speak to them!”
Jan Sorensen - Executive VP
“Ryan is an incredible person to work with. He truly understands what you are looking for and does a great job finding you an opportunity that will best suit you. He doesn't push you like typical recruiters to make a decision, he understands the decision making process and is always in your corner to support you.”
Shri Patel - D365 Supply Chain Solution Architect
“Ryan was patient and stuck with me over an almost 2 year period where he would present different D365 opportunities to me and finally we found the right one. He was always professional, understanding and creative with his approach.”
Matt Johnson – D365 Tech Lead
"I wasn’t looking for a new position, I was happy in my current role. However, the message Ryan sent me on LinkedIn had a subject line that hit home for me. I will be forever grateful for Bond Patrick’s support and for Ryan finding me out of the blue! My new position is exciting and challenging and it will excel my career in a way my other position could not. I can’t thank Ryan enough for what he has done for me!!!"
Jason Stern - D365 Marketing Enterprise Analyst
"I’m thrilled with the opportunity Ryan found for me and cannot wait to be a part of a team that shares my passions for our professional and cultural goals!”
Bessie Dooley – D365 Sales Lead