D365 Staffing Solutions

Dynamics 365 staffing and recruitment is what we do. In fact, it's all we do. Partner with an agency you can trust knows the space inside out.

We help businesses in the Dynamics eco-system craft compelling talent strategies, nurture talent pools and hire the right people at the right time.

From one-off D365 positions for end-users to scaling entire practices for Microsoft Partners…

… here’s what you can expect when you choose Bond Patrick as your talent partner:


Expect unrestricted access to the D365 talent pool. Trust us to listen to your needs and then deliver the people you need when you need them.


The best partnerships come in pairs. Exclusivity means a more efficient, effective service for our customers.


The devil is in the detail. Our screening methods ensure you'll only see talent that's a fit for your role and organization.


We value your time- so we work hard to keep the number of profiles you review to a minimum, with maximum quality.

How we work:

1. Define

  • We spend time getting to know you, and discovering the key selling points to answer the question: “why should someone join?”
  • Together we create a unique Scorecard that outlines Competency and DNA fit.

2. Identify

  • Our teams’ expertise in D365 means we know exactly what your ideal hire will look like.
  • We also know where to find them.

3. Engage

  • Tried and tested outreach methods mean your message gets heard by the right candidates.
  • We create messaging and content that Sizzles, ensuring candidates are excited about joining your business even before interviewing.

4. Qualify

  • Spending time with candidates to really get to know them is important, we do this bit right.
  • We ask the right questions to make sure that the Competency and DNA fit for your business is there.

5. Secure

  • The average number of resumes our clients see before securing a new hire is 2.5 using our Sizzle Search (see below).
  • We tackle any roadblocks early, ensuring that candidates are committed, and excited, long beyond their first day.

D365 recruitment for impact, not just headcount

A range of services with one goal: delivering solutions! 

All client services will be managed and delivered by our founder, Ryan, for one point of contact from start to finish. Our Partnership in Pairs mantra enables us to provide a world class service, each and every time.

Exclusive Contingency

Our exclusive contingency service is perfect for tough-to-fill or multiple D365 positions. 

You only pay us if we make a placement.

  • Long-list of candidates generated from: the BP network, advertising where appropriate & pro-active, direct approaches on social media
  • Engage & interview existing and new talent for your role specifically
  • Present resumes and detailed bio for interview selection, creating a short-list with you as it’s built
  • Manage the interview process and logistics for you
  • Referencing, presenting & negotiating offers
  • Placement aftercare & support


Sizzle Search:

For business-critical, senior, or super niche D365 positions- our Sizzle Search is recommended.

An upfront commitment from you means we go the extra mile, which is often required in today’s super competitive market.

  • SCOPE: job consultation, including generation of EVP and Sizzle Packs
  • ID: market mapping and candidate outreach via talent attraction strategies
  • ENGAGEMENT: response management and Dynamics-specific screening
  • SELECTION: hands-on management from 1st interview to offers
  • SECURE: expert counter-offer coaching, onboarding, and post-placement support


For talent required on a fixed-term or ad-hoc basis, Bond Patrick will rapidly resource your D365 projects.

  • Fully vetted, highly-skilled D365 resources
  • Shortlist of talent available immediately
  • Flexibility guaranteed: solutions for anything from ad-hoc D365 support work to full-lifecycle D365 implementations
  • Clear costing – we share our margins with all parties
  • Hybrid Contract to Hire solutions also available
green five stars

"There's no question The Sizzle Pack approach you have is very effective at finding people quickly. It's like working with a top recruiting agent out of Spencer Stuart. We've recruited 3 people with you now and all have been great fits. You obviously have a very deep network with the whole D365 marketplace."

Ed Stassen - CFO

Learning Resources Inc

green five stars

"Ryan’s depth of experience in the niche is critical. So many recruiters fail the basics in the Dynamics market, whereas Ryan can apply his years of experience to filter out the candidates who are most likely to succeed. Most importantly, Ryan works diligently to figure out what type of personality will fit the team and the position."

Ben Breeden - CEO


green five stars

“In a challenging and super competitive D365 market, Ryan manages to find the correct level of resources we look for at every level. We worked with him exclusively to find more than 30 people for us, which says all you need to know. Compared to other recruiters in the industry Ryan is less pushy- but when he introduces you to D365 talent, you speak to them!”

Jan Sorensen - Executive VP


green five stars

"Ryan and team have consistently provided high-quality candidates helping to insure we had the growing resources we need to continue to support our clients with the best personnel. Ryan was able to consistently provide candidates we were looking for from those with limited experience to highly experienced candidates."

Dave Hutchinson - CEO

360 Solutions Group

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