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Three’s a Crowd: Why Recruitment Works Better in Pairs

Batman & Robin. Mac n’ Cheese.  Insert any love story that ends happily ever after.

The best partnerships come in pairs. So why is recruitment any different?

I can’t give you the answer as to how we got here- but I can certainly offer insight into why it’s not a good idea to engage with 17 agencies, especially for niche positions like Dynamics.

Let me walk you through it.

Your Jobs get graded by recruiters

In case you didn’t know, agency recruiters grade the roles they work on. After they meet with you to discuss your requirements, they are rated against all their other live roles in order of how likely they are to fill them. Not paying enough? Need someone in Spokane, Washington? Have a 7 stage interview process? Your role goes further down the list for all these. But the number 1 turn off? (no it’s actually not the one in Spokane!)…is competing against a number of other agencies.

The “more is better” myth

Let’s debunk this right now: more recruiters does NOT mean more candidates! You will actually get less and less effort spent on your job the more agencies you bring to the party; who will likely bring you the same candidates as each other (you know, the ones that reply to everyone and the ones that you don’t really want to hire). Being the referee between 2 conflicted agencies over candidate ownership is not enjoyable for you (or us!).

Rewarding speed over quality

We have a theory that some of the less desired behaviours associated with recruiters are driven by competing agencies trying to be quicker than each other. Sending candidates without qualifying them properly (or at all!), just to get them in first is the prime example.

Creating an environment where the fastest finger on the buzzer is rewarded, arguably, is only maybe good for contract positions. Want your agency to screen for culture fit? Or to find someone who has previously delivered outcomes that you desire? The things that are important to the person being a long-term fit for your business require time if you want them done right.

Brand reputation

In niche markets like Dynamics, first impressions count. People think twice about buying the house with 8 different realtors “For Sale” signs outside it. Same rules apply for recruitment.

This means there will be 8 narratives going to the market about your brand, the result being a lot of noise and less likelihood you will attract the people you need to hire. Engaging candidates in 2021 requires a compelling, and unified, employer proposition that cuts through the noise.


With a seemingly decreasing talent pool in Dynamics in 2021, you may only get one shot to land the right person. This is why Partnership in Pairs is a mantra for us at Bond Patrick. We recommend finding a partner you trust to deliver for you, and letting them do just that.

Contact us today to find out if Bond Patrick is the Batman to your Robin!