What NOT to do when hiring D365 talent for the first time

Hiring for D365 talent for the first time doesn’t need to keep you up at night- IF you approach it in the right way.

When it comes to recruiting for a D365 (Dynamics 365) role, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. The traditional methods that get you a TON of qualified candidates for generic IT roles, generally speaking, will come up short.

Here are 4 reasons why:

🎯 Proactive Outreach: Passive job adverts simply won’t cut it in the world of D365. The crème de la crème of D365 talent rarely look at job boards, let alone submits applications. To tap into this elite talent pool, a more targeted and pro-active outreach is essential: YOU have to go and get THEM 😃

💰 Investing in Excellence: Since D365 professionals are in such demand, their services come at a premium. Standard “technology salary guides” won’t suffice here: be aware that using them might mean your target salary is too low. Seek out experts in this field and get a better understanding of what they might cost in the location you need to hire. Typically- you can get better value if you are able to hire remotely… ESPECIALLY if your HQ is in NYC or San Francisco! 💵

🎣 Size of the Pond: The talent pool for D365 is a LOT smaller than generic IT, especially if you need them in a particular town or city. Making it all the more vital to adopt proactive headhunting strategies. But don’t be fooled into thinking a quick email or InMail will do it: their inboxes are inundated, so competition for their attention is fierce. We always start our search strategies with our clients by going deep on this: why should you choose us?”

Timeliness Matters: Once active in interview processes, D365 professionals usually find themselves spoiled for choice. A delay in the interview process could mean losing them to more swift-acting competitors. Speed and efficiency are of the essence– agree on the process at the beginning and stick to it! Keeping time between steps to a minimum.

These are some of the ideas we coach our customers that are brand new to recruiting #d365 talent. Of course there are plenty more nuances to getting it right, but hopefully this gives a great starting point to get value quickly.