What NOT to do when hiring D365 talent for the first time

Hiring for D365 talent for the first time doesn’t need to keep you up at night- IF you approach it in the right way.

When it comes to recruiting for a D365 (Dynamics 365) role, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. The traditional methods that get you a TON of qualified candidates for generic IT roles, generally speaking, will come up short.

Here are 4 reasons why:

🎯 Proactive Outreach: Passive job adverts simply won’t cut it in the world of D365. The crème de la crème of D365 talent rarely look at job boards, let alone submits applications. To tap into this elite talent pool, a more targeted and pro-active outreach is essential: YOU have to go and get THEM 😃

💰 Investing in Excellence: Since D365 professionals are in such demand, their services come at a premium. Standard “technology salary guides” won’t suffice here: be aware that using them might mean your target salary is too low. Seek out experts in this field and get a better understanding of what they might cost in the location you need to hire. Typically- you can get better value if you are able to hire remotely… ESPECIALLY if your HQ is in NYC or San Francisco! 💵

🎣 Size of the Pond: The talent pool for D365 is a LOT smaller than generic IT, especially if you need them in a particular town or city. Making it all the more vital to adopt proactive headhunting strategies. But don’t be fooled into thinking a quick email or InMail will do it: their inboxes are inundated, so competition for their attention is fierce. We always start our search strategies with our clients by going deep on this: why should you choose us?”

Timeliness Matters: Once active in interview processes, D365 professionals usually find themselves spoiled for choice. A delay in the interview process could mean losing them to more swift-acting competitors. Speed and efficiency are of the essence– agree on the process at the beginning and stick to it! Keeping time between steps to a minimum.

These are some of the ideas we coach our customers that are brand new to recruiting #d365 talent. Of course there are plenty more nuances to getting it right, but hopefully this gives a great starting point to get value quickly.

6 Tips to Bounce Back Stronger After Losing Your Job

Losing a job can be a very stressful experience, especially if you don’t see it coming. Even the most talented in the D365 space can fall victim to being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

So remember: you are not alone if this has happened to you!

So far in 2023, we’ve been having more conversations than we’d like to on this topic so here are some practical tips on what you can do to get back on the wagon:

1. Jazz up your resume

Might seem like an obvious one- but your resume is usually the first impression you get to make with your future employer. So make it pop! Put the most impressive or relevant info at the top– these could be certifications, versions of Dynamics or modules that you have worked with. Highlight in bold any particular projects or accomplishments that you want the reader to be drawn towards.

There are plenty of professional resume writers out there to help too – contact us if you’d like a recommendation.

2. Get tracking

Put together an Excel spreadsheet & use it to keep track of all those applications you are making. You might think it’s easy to keep track in your head- but trust us when we say, you will be grateful that you did this after a couple of weeks!

Columns to create might include the company name, job title, URL link to the job & the date you applied. It’s also helpful to include a “Status” column at the end to make some notes- for example to track any responses or interviews that happen.

3. Slide into those DMs!

When it comes to networking: your professional network is bigger & more powerful than you realize! Reach out to people you have worked with in the past. Use LinkedIn to research where people work now. And slide into their DMs!

Ask for help. Ask them if they know of any job openings or if they have any advice on how to approach your job search. Even if they don’t know of any job openings, they may be able to connect you with someone who does. People are so happy to help you, so make sure you take advantage!

4. Take time!

Use your new free time to do things that YOU want to do. Yes- make time each day to put work in on the job search. But what are some things that you never had the time to do before?

It could be studying for that D365 certification that you never got around to, or renewing your certs from last year. It might be a long list of “to-dos” from your significant other! Maybe it’s taking yourself to the new spa in town and treating yourself. Or maybe taking that trip with the kids to their favorite beach.

Whatever you choose, remember this: you might not get time like this back once you find your shiny new job, so make the most of it!

5. Know the good recruiters in your space.

Good recruiters can be few and far between, but the good ones are worth their weight in gold. They can open doors you didn’t know existed, in companies that could be a perfect place for you. Find a recruiter that is willing to listen to what is important to you. And keep them close.

If you don’t know who the good ones are (besides Bond Patrick!), again: ask people in your network who they would recommend and get introductions.

6. Finally: believe in the process and focus on what you can control

It can be easy to put a lot of time into your search and feel like it’s not going the way you’d like. Or maybe you get a rejection that sets you back. This is all part of the process- a closed door gives clarity on the way forward for you.

So it’s important to believe in the process and focus on what you can control. Set yourself small goals on number of applications, or number of people you reach out to each day or week- and find joy in hitting those, whilst letting go of things you can’t control. Like rejections.

In conclusion, losing a job can be a difficult experience, but it’s important to remain positive and focused on finding a new job. By using these tips, you can make the most of your job search and increase your chances of finding the right job for you.

Three’s a Crowd: Why Recruitment Works Better in Pairs

Batman & Robin. Mac n’ Cheese.  Insert any love story that ends happily ever after.

The best partnerships come in pairs. So why is recruitment any different?

I can’t give you the answer as to how we got here- but I can certainly offer insight into why it’s not a good idea to engage with 17 agencies, especially for niche positions like Dynamics.

Let me walk you through it.

Your Jobs get graded by recruiters

In case you didn’t know, agency recruiters grade the roles they work on. After they meet with you to discuss your requirements, they are rated against all their other live roles in order of how likely they are to fill them. Not paying enough? Need someone in Spokane, Washington? Have a 7 stage interview process? Your role goes further down the list for all these. But the number 1 turn off? (no it’s actually not the one in Spokane!)…is competing against a number of other agencies.

The “more is better” myth

Let’s debunk this right now: more recruiters does NOT mean more candidates! You will actually get less and less effort spent on your job the more agencies you bring to the party; who will likely bring you the same candidates as each other (you know, the ones that reply to everyone and the ones that you don’t really want to hire). Being the referee between 2 conflicted agencies over candidate ownership is not enjoyable for you (or us!).

Rewarding speed over quality

We have a theory that some of the less desired behaviours associated with recruiters are driven by competing agencies trying to be quicker than each other. Sending candidates without qualifying them properly (or at all!), just to get them in first is the prime example.

Creating an environment where the fastest finger on the buzzer is rewarded, arguably, is only maybe good for contract positions. Want your agency to screen for culture fit? Or to find someone who has previously delivered outcomes that you desire? The things that are important to the person being a long-term fit for your business require time if you want them done right.

Brand reputation

In niche markets like Dynamics, first impressions count. People think twice about buying the house with 8 different realtors “For Sale” signs outside it. Same rules apply for recruitment.

This means there will be 8 narratives going to the market about your brand, the result being a lot of noise and less likelihood you will attract the people you need to hire. Engaging candidates in 2021 requires a compelling, and unified, employer proposition that cuts through the noise.


With a seemingly decreasing talent pool in Dynamics in 2021, you may only get one shot to land the right person. This is why Partnership in Pairs is a mantra for us at Bond Patrick. We recommend finding a partner you trust to deliver for you, and letting them do just that.

Contact us today to find out if Bond Patrick is the Batman to your Robin!

Are you certain the grass isn’t greener?

There’s never been a better time to be working in the Dynamics 365 space. After a slow start to 2021, the demand for good people is insane.

However, with so many options out there, finding the right role can feel like walking through a minefield. Filtering the daily recruiter messages, making time outside a busy schedule- we know it’s daunting.

So it’s vital to have someone in your corner who knows the space, and can make it easy for you.

Like we did, for Steve.

Steve’s story:

Steve’s been in the Dynamics space since it was Axapta, and has helped many businesses solve ERP-related problems over the years. Having worked with agencies before, Steve had this to say:

“There appears to be a general trend within the recruitment space to fill a functional/technical position, often with a “warm body”, as quickly as possible.”

“I’ve felt that this perceived shoe-horning into opportunities I’ve been both over or under qualified for has resulted in considerable wasted time, both for me as well as the organization looking for the right talent.”

A story all too familiar, it doesn’t have to be like this! He continues…

“While not actively looking for a new position, Bond Patrick reached out to me with a genuine interest in where I felt there were growth gaps in my current professional direction (D365 experience!). I was not barraged with an array of “shiny” new opportunities, but rather a series of well thought-out questions as to what would make my career path more fulfilling.”

“My schedule at the time Ryan reached out did not afford any reasonable opportunities to engage in career path discussions.  Ryan worked with me outside of “normal” hours, arguable over and above the call of duty.”

A few remote interviews later and Steve, in his new role, is helping a business who manufactures educational toys and games for the future generations. With an education background & a large family himself, the ERP problems he now solves bring genuine purpose to his life.

“Ryan clearly wanted to find the right person for the client, but he also wanted to make sure that there was mutual fulfilment for the candidate as well. The career opportunity that Bond Patrick has presented will help provide relevancy to my professional path for the foreseeable future, and it’s given me a renewed purpose in my work life.”

Just like Steve, we’re here to help you, too

Let’s talk about how we can help you find purpose in your Dynamics career.